What’s your summer libation? Here’s your chance to sample the industry's best. At Liberty Village LIBATION, you get the chance to explore the world of craft beer, cider, wine and spirits. Discover something new and speak with the folks who make these libations possible.

Liberty Village LIBATION is a pay as you go event.  Your participation fee gets you your Libation sampling cup and your event wristband.  Then you can purchase sampling vouchers or tokens for your libations! Each sample voucher/token is worth $2 and most samples are 1 voucher, depending on the product.

Beer Fest #10.jpg

We're not accepting crypto currency but here's the next best thing.

Liberty Village LIBATION is also going cashless with the Token Mobile event payment app!  View and connect with vendors and pay right from your mobile device.  Check out what vendors are offering and don’t wait in line to buy drink vouchers.  We will still be offering our cash/drink voucher system for those who aren’t ready for the change.  But change is good :)

Visit tokenmobile.ca or go to tokenmobile.ca/download